Monday, June 7, 2010

Zombie-based business idea

Gisel B. says (10:44 PM):
*they are just right behinf russians
alejandro says (10:44 PM):
*los rusos sí son zombies?
Gisel B. says (10:45 PM):
*f course
*but they have plenty of space to wander
*and you cant notice the body temperature drop
alejandro says (10:45 PM):
alejandro says (10:46 PM):
*me convenciste :P
Gisel B. says (10:46 PM):
*since everyone is already forzen
alejandro says (10:46 PM):
*sí, very true
*atravesar rusia a velocidad zombie..... debe de tomar un buueeeeeeeen rato jaja
Gisel B. says (10:47 PM):
*it is cold and snowy
*that makes them slower
*it is easy to kill them
*it is actually a sport
Gisel B. says (10:48 PM):
*it is zombie season
*lets go kill some and stuff like that
alejandro says (10:48 PM):
*we must go on vacation then :D
*sería como un real-life adventure theme park.... "sobrevive a los zombies"
Gisel B. says (10:48 PM):
*it is a Xtreme sport
alejandro says (10:48 PM):
*"live your own 28 days later"

I've got the best girlfriend ever =D

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