Sunday, September 30, 2007

New thoughts on food

Inspired by the Baileys-filled chocolates jar I just received, I started a discussion with Danna (the Lic =P) about alcohol + food. The train of thought is not really interesting, so I'll skip it. The results are:

To hell with soy sauce and hot sauce! Let's try Sake-soaked Sushi and Tequila-soaked Tacos.

And just to continue with the double-letter thing: Wine-soaked Whataburgers.

Wine-soaked Cheese probably does exist (ahh those French people...)

Anyway, the question remains, would I get drunk if I ate all the jar right now? The same goes for Piña Colada, I've been told you cannot get drunk with it because it has too much sugar. Is that true? Has anyone tried?

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ekinox said...

May be yo wont get drunk but definitely you'll feel all hangover next morning (unless you drink a lot of water before going to bed), sugar + dehydration will make you feel like shit as soon as you wake up, and is better to feel like that when you got drunk than if you ate a lot of candies...

And what about Beer-soaked halls? they really taste like beer!